My Childhood

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My childhood has greatly impacted who I am today because of the influences in my life. It has truly showed me a different incite on life. It has showed me what to expect and what path you can choose to go down in life to truly mess your life up. It showed me the good the negligent and struggles you can go through in such a short amount of time. For me the main three things that tremendously affected me would have to be divorce, drugs and death and they still tend to affect me till this day.
You may be wondering well what is it that you have been through that has totally changed your incite on life. Honestly my mother is the one person that has affected my life the most. She left my life when I was only 4 years old and ever since then it …show more content…

Then one day something happened that changed my life forever it was Saturday January 14,2012. I remember my dads girlfriend running down the stairs crying and saying your nana has passed away the cleaning lady found her in bed and she wouldn’t wake up. I remember just picturing that in my mind I was shocked I couldn’t even comprehend at the time what was going on I didn’t even believe what I heard. I remember going to my room and that night I remember I literally cried myself to sleep. I was shut down completely and I felt like I had no one to run to because the one I always ran to was now gone forever. Later on the autopsy report came and I discovered that she died of an overdose. This left me puzzled and left me wondering why and how something like this would even happen and would this happen to my actual mother one day.
The memories from my childhood are something I will always go back to and reflect on because they will forever be implanted in my brain and will always be a part of the reason I become the person I am today. These things changed my incite on life because it showed me how crucial and addiction can be it showed me how it can honestly mess up your life and also the peoples around you. It has made me

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