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Senior Reflective Essay Some people say that you cannot change what you refuse to confront. Growing up in Compton it was hard because every action you did had a great consequence. My parents were one of the authorities that set down a path without violence and away from drugs. One of the greatest successes that I experienced in my past was having carried over my community service from where I lived to where I am now. Carrying over my community service experience has made it better for me to be around those who I can connect with and have fun helping others. The greatest failure that I’ve experienced was the choice of friends that I had. With the majority of my “friends” that I had, almost all were under bad influences. That made it harder for me to fit in with kids who I resemble that make me…show more content…
Two significant people that made an impact for me are my parents because they have always worked hard to give us everything we need. If it wouldn’t have been for my parents guiding me to be better than others I might have Joined a gang or been under bad influences. There are two significant events that really impacted me one was a tragic event that happened to my neighbor/friends, who lost their mother after she died for reasons that I was too young to remember. After watching them live their lives without mothers I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for them. The Second event is a shooting that happened at home while we were gone and my brother wasn’t with us, my family and I were terrified until my mother received a call from my aunt who lived nearby, who had my brother for several hours. After, that moment my family had begun to feel relieved and learned to not let any moment we spend together be worthless. If there would be one thing that I would change from my past it would be surrounding myself from kids who instead of helping each other rise,
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