My Childhood Memories Of A Middle Class Family

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I was born in a middle-class family in southern China. Both of my parents are white-collar workers. We lived in a small apartment with an old turtle. As the only child, my parents have a lot of expectations for me, but become an artist is not one of it. Like what they said, "There are not art cells in our body." After all, we are just ordinary people. In my childhood memories, I was not allowed to play outdoor like other children because I am really easy to get sick. My mom quit her job in order to take better care of me. According to her, my favorite activity was to scribble on the wall, I have my masterpiece on any place in the house that I can touch. My mom very supports suck activity, and sometimes she would even join me. I remember when I was five, my mom bought me a drawing pad with 12-color pencils as the birthday gift. " From now on, you are not allowed to draw on the wall!" she said. But I do it anyway. When I was in elementary school I will stay at my grandparents house during weekdays, and spent the weekend with my parents. I performed well in school, especially in drawing class. I always brought back all kinds of work I did in class to show them. My mom will hang them in a prominent place on the wall. Anyone who comes and visits us will see those works. Although they are surprised about my potential talet, but no one suggests that I should go further with drawing. Time flies, I graduated from elementary school, and went into junior high. I still draw,
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