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Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing your neighbor 's kid drinking your brothers soda. You’d be freaked out too. this is the true story of my most annoying neighbors.

It all started April 16th 2009. My family and I had just moved into a new bigger and better house on eveston. We were so happy because It was an actual step up from our old place that we use to live in. But anyway when we were excited to move into this new place, but my siblings and I were also sad because we were leaving all of our friends and being uprooted to a new place. Plus, I didn’t really kNow If would make new friends are not. But my mother assured me that there were plenty of kids to play with in the neighborhood. Which made me feel a lot better.

Anyway after a couple of days of getting all settled and being stuck in the house, my older brother and I decided to go outside and ride our bikes up and down the street. when we got outside I noticed two kids playing next door. One was a little girl who looked to be about ten years old and the other was a little boy who looked like he was six years old. I noticed right away that the little girl was playing tea party at a table set up in her front yard. I kinda wanted to play with the little girl, but i didn’t know so I just kept riding my bike with my brother.

About five minutes into us riding our bikes I noticed the girl gets up from her table and head inside her house. Then her younger brother came over to us and asked if we wanted to play

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