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My childhood consisted a lot of disney and barbie dolls. Disney because everyone loves disney and barbie dolls because i had four sisters and i can remember me playing with my transformers and my sister rena would be playing with her barbie dolls and we would combine the two worlds where barbie would be optimus prime 's wife. and he would be off during the day fighting evil and at the night loving and devoted husband. But the more i grew up the more i realized how disney and barbie set a bad standard for young woman, And how disney seemed to set this false sense of reality for young kids, and finally i realized happy ending are extremely over done in kids movies.

First, Disney sets a low standard for young women: they set a pace that women are mostly looking for a good man it shows that women can only be happy if you have a strong man to love and support you.this is shown threw out kids movies and almost every disney movie That is absolutely mind boggling to me. It just doesn 't make sense to me that at a very young age young women were taught that you can 't be happy without a man,because i can think of many women who have become successful without a man that you must find love to be happy. Now what is love? Well merriam webster describes it as “attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship” that is the literal definition. Now, I would say go ahead and look it up but I only

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