My Christian Experience Was Not Without Some Doubt Filled Moments

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My Christian experience was not without some doubt filled moments. I was raised in a Christian home in the late sixties through the mid eighties. I am a fourth generation Christian, meaning, my great grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, and myself were all Christians. My sister and brother each went through some very rebellious years while in high school while I never really questioned my faith. Upon graduation from high school I attended a Bible college in Minnesota. This was a very interesting time in the church. While I’m certain televangelism still exists, it was at its peak in the middle and late eighties. I watched, with embarrassment, as men who called themselves Christians got involved in sexual scandals, financial scandals, and engaged in all sorts of tawdry behavior; all of course, in the name of Jesus. I had some wonderful examples of faith that inspired me. But as soon as I heard Christians on the radio or saw them on TV, I was ashamed to call myself a Christian. The Jesus I read about in Scriptures taught love, acceptance, peace and concern for the poor, but the Christian leaders on TV and radio always seemed to be pro-rich, pro-white, pro-America and anti-gay. I even had a college professor and two of my best friends fathers engage in extramarital affairs, each of them were ordained ministers. Needless to say, my faith was rattled. I was angry with God for allowing these things to occur. This was my crossroad and through much frustration and angst I

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