My College Experience

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I had a lot of experiences in almost four months in USA. Be in college for the first time in my life is one of the most awesome for me. I’ve graduated in Brazil last year, and I was really excited to go to the college for the first time in my life, and for my surprise wouldn’t be in Brazil, but in USA. This made me feel a lot of feelings. I was nervous, excited, determined, etc. After all bureaucratic process, I finally started my flight and arrived here. I took the first day searching about the College. I took a college tour, the soccer coach took me for all buildings here and my future home too. It is been an awesome experience living in the place that I study also. I was not believing that it was happening. The first contact with the …show more content…

So, I ask the teacher and she understood me. I was more confident to do more homeworks and learn even more. After one week, I could understand clearly what was presented to me in class, but I was insecure to participate (And I still, but I’m trying to participate more, to break this insecurity). I’m here with another friends from Brazil, and we help each other. I’m who speak better and understand better, so I don’t keep my little knowledge with me, I try to share to them the most as I can. They help me too at the classes, this make me more confident. About my friends, the good part is that they are used to college environment. All of them have gone to college before, so my understanding about credits, schedule and all this stuff becomes easy for me. I try to help them the most as I can, translating questions for them, help them in courses that I know more than them and they do the same with me. We cooperate with each other. Anyway, as I said before, it’s been three months since I arrived here and start my academic program and I’m living one of my biggest dreams. Today, after all this time I feel my english better than before, but with a lot to improve. Now, I can talk with other people, classmates, etc. and I don’t feel insecure anymore. I can finally express myself and be myself in english. I mean, I’m a funny guy when I speak in Portuguese, but with a different language I had some difficulties that I don’t

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