My Cultural Values

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Society is composed of different communities who are brought together by their same geographical location, groups that share the same beliefs or have the same values, as well as cultural and political purposes. Those of us whose families immigrated to a different country usually bring their culture and traditions to pass them on to new generations. Immigrants often arrive to enclaves where others of their same background can help provide aid during their first weeks and months in a foreign country. My family was no different in their struggles in a new country far away from home where people spoke a foreign language. I was raised in the middle of confusion and struggle of immigrants who understood I was not an immigrant but still needed to understand my culture and its values. Following I will provide stories and examples of my upbringing and how my world view and perspective along with my values where shaped by the struggles of my family and my own personal struggles as the first American born in an immigrant family.
PERSONAL VALUES I was raised by a single mother who was an immigrant at the time and we lived in a community composed of other Latino families who were all working class. It wasn’t until high school where I realized that our social economic status was below the poverty line. Some may become marveled at the thought that it took me that long to realize my family and I was poor. All the signs were there, things such as my mother sending me over to the

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