My Dad Had A Chronic Breathing Disorder

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“My boy is about to be a college freshman” my dad said, looking at Johan put on his cap and gown before his graduation. “I remember there were times I felt, I’d never see this day” he proclaimed. My dad had a chronic breathing disorder. Our family doctor has said he probably has died in his sleep many of times and didn’t realize it.

It was a scary thing. I hoped I’d never have to be with him alone because I didn’t want him to croak on me. I was too young to see that. I heard those type deaths replayed in the minds of the child all through their lives. I definitely didn’t want the last image of my father falling over dead.

“Everybody, let’s gather around and take a photograph before going off to the graduation”, my aunt announced. My family was really proud because Johan was the oldest in our generation. He set the example for me and my cousins. My brother was graduating from high school as a Valedictorian. His class ended up with 3 top students.

If you’d look at Johan, you wouldn’t think he was that smart. He always had something about himself that was odd to many people. I guess that’s where his uniqueness stood out.

“I’m so excited, this family hasn’t had to do this in ten years” my grandma shouted. We all laughed at her, she acted if she was graduating herself. Our family believes in celebrating accomplishment and life. Whenever something great happened, you better believe it was a dinner or some type of reward coming out of the ordeal. I couldn’t wait to see this

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