My Dad, My Hero

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Words are powerful beings. They can have good negative connotations, but some words are worse than others and should never be uttered. One word in particular instills fear in all who hear it. A word that is mentally draining and debilitating. That word is cancer. Unfortunately in my short 19 years-of-life, I've heard that word three times. I heard it at six years old when my mother first came down with it and at nineteen when my father and grand-father were diagnosed. It’s not just some disease, or medical condition. The definition of Cancer isn’t as simple as states; “a malignant and invasive growth or tumor tending to recur after excision and to metastasize to other sites.” To those who have been diagnosed, and to the families who have seen their loved ones in a terrible state of being, think that the word cancer is much more. Ever since my mother’s passing, I've related that word to something bad, to the pain of a loved one, to the breaking down of a life and to the start of many's a death sentence. Never did I think I would hear that word again after my mother Paula, but life never ceases to throw people a curveball. I remember sitting in a small room with my father and the doctor. We thought his laperoscopy was nothing to be afraid of, but the doctor knew otherwise. He in fact said cancer and I immediately started to break down. My world was crumbling in on me and I truly though that I was going to be left alone yet again. My

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