The Heart Of The Middle Of News

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“Have you ever get the feeling of your heart stopping in the middle of news?”. Yeah, that was me, I was at the waiting room on the second floor of one of the hospitals in the city of Tyler. I had brought her because she was feeling bad. She was feeling extreme pain on her right side of her stomach, while being pregnant. I got so scared that I had to drive her down to the hospital knowing I did not have a license, but that did not stop me at that minute. Waiting on that big empty room is kind of scary no one comes, no one goes. The doctor comes in and looks at me, by the expression on his face I knew it was not something good. Well, my mother was diagnosed with kidney Infection while being seven months pregnant. It was a normal day like any other, my mom making lunch for dad and my brother before they went to work. I was making the beds and picking up dirty clothes from the bathroom baskets. The rest of my youngest siblings had left to school, you may wonder why I did not. I woke up that day feeling sick so I decided to stay in. It was about 12:00 pm and my mom told me she was feeling a little pain in her right side. I told her if she wanted me to call a doctor or if she need it anything, of course she said no. However, two hours later I hear a loud scream, I knew right away it was my mom. I run to the bathroom where she was, I ask her what was going on, with a scared to death face. My mom told me she could not handle the pain anymore; she could not even stand on her own.

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