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My Day I wake up every morning with a shock, my mum knocking at the door and shouting,

"Time for a shower." I'm always tired in the mornings and find getting up for a shower really horrible, though it does a good job of waking me up and after it I'm ready for another day at school. Well that is what I think but I usually end up in bed asleep right up until 7.45 am. Luckily I have usually packed my school stuff the night before.

My house is quite big and there is lots of room to get away from the rest of my family. I have a computer in my room and I spend quite a lot of time on
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Another couple of friends arrive at this house too and we all get together and walk to school. This walking to school together gives me a good opportunity to make after school arrangements. Once at school (the walk takes about 15 minutes) I go to my tutor base and catch up with my friends who don't walk to school with me. After a short rest I make my way to my first lesson on a Monday usually English.

English requires a lot of work and its quite interesting. All year it's work, work, work, which is hardly surprising seeing that it's GCSE year. I'm going to need to work hard because qualifications are a necessary part of any career and I definitely want a career not just a job.

After the first two lessons I usually eat my lunch. It may seem strange that I eat my lunch at break but it takes so much time queuing at lunchtime just so I can sit down and eat some food that I would rather eat my packed lunch early freeing up time at lunch for other activities. The only downside to this is that you have lots of people surrounding you begging for food. Most people would probably just say "No", but I have real problems with saying "No" and more often than not half my food is devoured by these hungry beasts.

Once break is finished I work until the real lunch time and then I hang around the common room or go to the library and do

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