My Diet : Vegetarian And Am Currently Still Vegetarian

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My diet, for most of my life, has strictly been vegetarian. I was raised vegetarian and am currently still vegetarian. While I believe it works well for me, in the past I didn’t have a very balanced and healthy diet. When I was younger, I used to eat a lot of carbohydrates and fats. I have three younger brothers, and I was accustomed to eating the same amounts of food as they did, even though I am a girl and don’t require as much calories as they do. I had no limits, and would eat until I was stuffed. An example of a lunch I would have eaten back then would be a big bowl of macaroni and cheese with apples coated with heavy peanut butter and a huge glass of milk. I ate this way until I was about 14 years old, and realized that I had…show more content…
Meal planning makes it easy to plan out my week and to also keep track of the protein, carbohydrates, and fats I am consuming in each meal. Meal planning is something that is really working for my busy schedule and something I plan on continuing in the future. For the future, I would like to be more aware of my macros and eventually to start counting them. I feel like this would give me a really well rounded diet and keep me in tune with my body’s needs. As of right now, I am vegetarian, but I would eventually like to try going vegan when I have the money to invest in vegan food alternatives and the time to research the diet more in depth. As is, it’s already difficult to find vegetarian foods that are high in protein, I would think it would be even more difficult to find sources of vegan protein, especially considering that most of my protein intake happens to be dairy, such as cottage cheese and plain Greek yogurt. I think it would be interesting and a challenge to go vegan for a month or two to see how it changed my body and how I feel. It probably wouldn’t be a permanent diet change, but going vegan is definitely something I’m interested in trying. Lastly, for the future I would like to be able to limit my sugar intake and to try to curb cravings. I often have cravings for sugar, especially after a long day and I would like to be able to resist those cravings with healthier snack alternatives. I hope to

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