My Dream Job

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My Dream Job For many years since I was young I had the passion to be a police officer, I wanted to be that hero who I seen on television that saved everybody from danger and harm but little did I know it wasn’t as easy as television made it come out to be. As my school days passed I finally came to a conclusion of what I wanted my life to be like.
High school was the turning point where I no longer wanted to be a police officer anymore, I grew knowledge of better opportunities for me and being a police officer just wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a job that was going to give me the ability to live high class and buy the expensive things I wish I could have had when I was young. Homicide detective was my next goal in my life to be, I’ve
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Family attorneys are also called divorce and family practice lawyers, it’s a shame how "Forty to fifty percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce" but that’s just my opinion. The process of a divorce with no fault came to effect in 1969 when "California was the first state to legalize no-fault divorce. In 2010, New York was the last of the fifty states to approve it. No-fault divorce does not require any evidence of wrong-doing on the part of either spouse. Although divorce is a difficult emotional decision, in terms of the law, it can easily be granted under a no-fault divorce ruling". A divorce lawyer 's responsibility is to separate the assets and debt between the spouses, if children are involved the lawyer helps set the terms for child support and custody. Divorce lawyers must have excelling unique skills as a attentive listener because decisions made in and out of court will greatly affect the client 's life. There aren’t any specific education requirements for family lawyers although some courses are advised but passing the bar exam and attending law school is compulsory. Salaries for family attorneys can range from $48,000 to $80,000 and as they build their reputation their hourly rate and salary could most likely increase. Criminal Lawyers on the other hand represent their client in a criminal court system that goes through pretrial
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