My Education Experience

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It all started that first day of kindergarten, as my grandma took a picture of me in my blue skirt and Barbie lunch box that today would start the rest of my life. We waited for the bus to come pick my brother and me up. That summer we made the decision to attend public school. From that moment, I knew my life was going to change, now I was going to the same elementary school that my dad had attended. I got on the bus with the confidence to start my education the best I could.
My experiences that happened throughout K-12 schools, I say were pretty generic, nothing crazy happened. My education started in Indiana, where the environment and standards were a bit different from South Carolina. The thing that stood out the most is the use of “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, this was expected to be said in school, while up North I could have said yes or no. I connected more with my teachers in Elementary school than I ever did with middle and high school. The first two years of elementary school, of what I could remember is what group did I fit in, who can I see myself being friends with. What I remember the most from elementary school were my teachers from the second and third grade. My second-grade teacher was also my brother’s teacher also my dad’s first-grade teacher. Mrs. Baylette she was an older woman, was allergic to milk. When doing multiplication tables, if you got them all right within a span of a month or, so she and the student teacher would take you out for dinner. With my
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