My Educational Experience : Fair Warning

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My educational experience. Fair warning, most of this just might be me ranting about some aspects of my education, but truly, I believe that I have had one of the best educational experiences I could ever ask for. I formed great relationships with peers and faculty, graduated with honors, and made it into the Public Ivy, Miami University. My educational experience hasn’t been like a lot of others though, and I recognize that not everyone that attended my school had the same great experience I had, but I still am incredibly thankful for all of the efforts my school and faculty put into each and every one of us.
As I mentioned in class, I come from a very rural area in an area about an hour south of Columbus, with corn fields surrounding
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Support for sports, concerts and other extracurricular activities are always strong. Fundraising for clubs is always strong. And when tragedy strikes, we are stronger than ever. With this sense of community, you can see teachers taking the extra time to form personal relationships with students. I, myself, had a very close relationship with a faculty member throughout my four years in high school, and was close with all of my elementary school teachers. Because of this, I, and other students, learned more than just what was supposed to be taught in the classroom. We learned life lessons. And when we were being taught more traditional academic stuff, we learned better because the teachers knew us, knew who we were, and how we best learned. So, despite many physical challenges with our schools, the close community atmosphere that has hovered around our school district is what has made me and so many others successful. Sorry Ohio Department of Education, it’s not all about testing and who scores the best.
Going off of that, I think my experiences in school have made me so critical of the testing and standards that teachers are held too nowadays. I have seen the teachers that try their best and hardest, but still have to be affected by the students that can’t test well. And it’s just that- some people can be extremely smart but be an awful test-taker. And personally, in my school
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