My Educational Journey : My Education Journey

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My Educational Journey To begin my educational journey I wouldn’t really think it was a lot until further I got into school with a lot of things. Elementary was easy for me I only got one F. I was upset about it but never knew about it because my mom never showed me my grades until I was older. Which it didn’t really matter to me at that time when I saw them then because it had already passed. Junior High I started to slack off I didn’t want to do anything, of course I had to if I didn’t then I would fail my classes and not move on to the next grade. Then High school started I would say I did alright but I definitely could’ve done better. High School for me was more about sports and keeping my grades up enough just so that I can keep playing and have a 2.0 throughout the school year. I wasn’t that student that did everything over and above, even though I wanted to go to a four year college like the University of Oregon right out of high school but I didn’t do anything to prepare myself for that journey. So like a lot of athletes I was just basic and did what I had to do to get through high school. My sophomore year of high school though that’s when I just really didn’t care I wanted to play sports and the teachers gave me chances to get everything turned in and made up and do what I had to do to be able to play but I just wasn’t motivated enough to do the work and get everything finished before grades came out. That year really changed how I did a lot of things especially

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