Ruth Washburn Nursery School

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My education started not long after I was born in 1989. I attended Ruth Washburn Nursery School, for 3 years, but I don’t have a lot of memories of what I learned. 3 things stand out to me. This was a place of great fun!! I learned how to love running. I could run for ages. Secondly the plecostomus’s were the coolest fish in the fish tank! Lastly I remember the song that goes, “Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away.” Skipping ahead into the future I am now in 4th grade. I enrolled in a choice school out in the middle of the woods “School in the Woods”. Almost everyday we went on nature hikes around the property and to a pond not far behind the class rooms. Everyday I had math class with Mr. Eiles, and he was the first teacher that made me see how much talent I had for math and numbers. In the spring time, we were assigned a research project that taught me much about planning ahead and how much time things really take to accomplish. Unfortunately, during this time, I lost a lot of connection to the friends that I used to have, so when I went back to my home school I felt disconnected from most of my friends, I realized that my teachers could be better friends than most of my peers. My teachers were smarter and kinder that the kids my age. Through out the rest of my educational career I was drawn to a teacher. In 5th grade Mr. Redman, 6th Mr. Lopez, 7th Mr. Milner, 8th Mr, Oldfield. Bringing us now into a time when I grew and learned the most

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