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Spanish is the language of choice for us born on that beautiful tropical island called Puerto Rico. It is the first language that those born on this island are taught out tradition more than anything. It is how we communicate with each other, it is how we obtain what we utmost desire and want. Why you ask? Since it is the native language of an island that while is a United States territory is not a state of the United States. While English is taught in all schools in Puerto Rico, Spanish is the language you are taught from day one as it is the language used in all Puerto Rican homes. English is taught in schools, however in my case, not until after you start school which is around the age of five, if not later depending on where you attend school. Spanish, however, is a language that can be forgotten if not used regularly as I learned no more than a few months ago while my parents were visiting us, in the beautiful Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. Prior to my story of my moment with literacy, I would like to invite you into my journey of learning English as my second language to provide a better understanding by painting a broader picture as to the title of this essay and awkward moment of being forgetful. As stated before, English is my second language which was an adventure to learn as I did not start learning English until the middle of kindergarten. Prior to that, English was a language I had never heard of or even gave thought to, I was a regular kid on the

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