The English Language

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There are thousands of diverse cultures around the globe that offer an abundance of valuable knowledge. One of the better approaches to studying their ways of life is through their languages. People often fail to realize just how embedded a culture is within its language. After my mother remarried, I was introduced to an entirely new world where my dad came from a small country named Morocco, located at the northeastern tip of Africa, and spoke a strange form of Arabic. I have always been fascinated by my step-father's language, and now I have the convenient opportunity to learn more about it for this paper.
In my youth, I used to mistakenly believe that English sounded exactly the same no matter where it was spoken. However, that notion was swiftly retracted as I matured and learned more about the world. When traveling across the United States, I quickly took notice of an exceptional occurrence that existed between regions, specifically ‘dialect’, “a provincial, rural, or socially distinct variety of a language that differs from the standard language” ( It was this term that helped me realize why you drink soda in the north, coke in the south, or pop west of the Great Lakes. All of these words essentially mean the same thing, they are just called various names depending on which area you are located in. That is just a glimpse of how English dialects work, and it’s not restricted to the United States alone. Of course, there are plenty of

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