My Ethics In My Field Placement

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1) I believe that I exhibit behaviors that relate to my ethics in my daily life. In my Field Placement, I am aware of the rules and the expectations and I do my best to uphold the standards. The children and their families have their own privacy and I take it upon myself to respect and protect their privacy. When we go on our walk with preschool 1 the people on campus love to stop and stare, which is not a big problem. However, pulling out phones and taking, videos and pictures are a major problem. I do not have the permission to take pictures of the children and post them on social media and neither do the people on campus. I have had to stop pushing the cart multiple times to tell someone to erase the photo or video. On one occasion, I stopped because I saw a guy taking a video and I…show more content…
He shook his head and did as I told him, but then his friend decided to reach over and touch one of the boys. I automatically responded with “you cannot touch them either”. There was also another occasion when a lady reached over and touched one of the girls and I told her she was not allowed to do that. She responded by telling me she was her teacher and walked away. Then one of the assistant teachers told me that I did the right thing and that it does not matter if she cares for the child. She also mentioned how being a teacher or care provider, she should know that her action was not appropriate.

2) I have now learned the routine of the classroom and my responsibilities. With more time in the classroom, the teachers have given me more task. For example, when I would arrive to the class I would wait for the children to arrive, however now the teachers ask me to help put toys away, write the date on the cups, separate papers, and other small tasks. I always wake up early to get ready. I do my makeup, hair, and
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