My Experience As A Student And An Instructor

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As my course in evaluation comes to an end, I reflect upon my strengths as a learner and the areas that still need development. This reflection reveals how my experiences will affect my practice as a student and an instructor. Looking at the impactful learnings of this course gives insight as to how my “real life” will be affected by this course. Reflecting on myself as a learner, and the meaningfulness and usefulness of the course content allow me to see the value of my education. To begin, I visualize myself sitting quietly, studying independently, advancing at my own pace, being open-minded, and expressing ideas through informal conversations with my instructor and peers. Being open to feedback from them is giving me the opportunity to improve my evaluation skills. As I read the perspectives of other’s I have time to ponder their view points and make adjustments to my evaluation materials. Instantly, I am reminded of how my life has been transformed through my education. Today I am calm, independent, determined, open-minded, and willing to express my ideas. In the future, I will continue to maximize my strengths as a learner by becoming an instructor. Instructors never stop learning, they are gaining knowledge as they prepare to teach, and they are learning from their students. Over past few years I have come to know that learning occurs through a variety of teaching methods and applications. This course utilized many methods to teach me about creating evaluations. It

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