My Experience At An Nyc Real Estate Office

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This was the most sensual, erotic encounter I 've ever had. I was just shy of my 23rd birthday, fresh out of college and had a great job at an NYC real estate office. I 'm a brunette with an athletic body, green eyes, olive kissed skin, and I 've been told I have a wonderful ass. My job required me to spend a lot of time showing potential clients different luxury apartments, so I met lots of new people. Being single worked well for me, and after ending a long relationship, I was glad to have the freedom. I spent a lot of times showing people around the city, taking them to nice restaurants, Broadway Musicals. Life was great. One particular day I had to show a condo off to a new client, he was from Ohio and had only been to New York one time. He had recently gotten a job at a major investment firm and needed a place fast. We had spoke online a few times, and he looked sexy from what I could see, so I made sure to dress in something that would grab his attention. I wore my tightest red skirt with red high heels, a tight blouse and a blazer so I 'd look professional. My boss had a strict "no dating clients" policy for our office, but flirting wasn’t dating. I just enjoyed the attention, and it helped get business.My client, Andrew, was a nice guy and the conversations we had previously were pleasant. This day we 'd meet in person for the time. He looked like your everyday, attractive mid-westerner. He had blue eyes that looked like they had come out of a precious stone.I was

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