My Experience : My Personal Experience In My Class

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Personal experience is something that happen to you. It can be good or bad , or can help you in your future. My personal experience is when I found out I wasn’t graduating with my class. That day showed me that I shouldn’t have been playing around I had ever thing but my English 4 credit and passing the FCAT test. After trying so many times I just give up. I felt like I didn’t belong here and school wasn’t meant for me. I hate the fact I didn’t get to graduate with my class. I wasn’t really upset just disappointed that I didn’t take school serious. For this reason , I didn’t pass the FCAT. I’ve been having problems with the FCAT since the third grade. Like when I take it I miss it by a few points. They let me try the ACT and I miss that by three points. I took the FCAT two more times , and never pass it. I tried taking the ACT a couple of times and still miss it by three points. I was super mad that I missed it by three points. I feel like they should take away the FCAT , cause a lot of students aren’t passing it. After taking it so many times I given up. I’ve stop showing up to take the test. I don’t understand why they came up with “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.” Cause it’s a start lie a lot of kids got left behind cause the FCAT testing. Further more , I have given up on trying. I even stop
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