My Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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Growing up I was a very shy person. I was the type of girl who hid her feelings because that's just what I was used too. My parents separated when I was only four years old. It was hard for me because I didn't have my parents together. It made me feel like it was my fault. They would argue about who was going to watch me when they went to work or how they couldn't afford somethings for me. I felt like like I couldn't talk to them about how I felt and that's why in school I would always shut people out when it came to my feelings. I remember teacher trying to talk to me but all I would do is shut them out, teacher after teacher. I knew that coming into Pritzker I was going to have a difficult time and I was going to have no one there to talk to.
My freshman year was just what I expected, going through a tough first year and having no one. It was not only hard for me because it was my first year in high school but because this school was so different from my previous school. Going into my freshman year with a mindset that I was not going to show any emotion or have a teachers to trust with things going on outside of school. Everything was just difficult my freshmen year for me.
Sophomore year came around and I expected it to be the same as freshmen year. I was going into sophomore year with lots of family problems and personal issues, typical for a teenager. I was not looking forward for sophomore year. I felt like things were going to be the same, same problems different

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