My Experience Of Being A Counselling

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It is exciting for me to learn more skill. On the other hand, it is not easy for me to master those skills. In the beginning, I felt like I cannot handle the class and only the gifted person who is insight can be a good counsellor. My motivation is diminishing because I don’t think I have the ability to be a counsellor. I am a vehicle to helping other. But am I a good vehicle? What if I make mistake and push the client in a greater despair? I would always imagine scenario that I cannot handle in a fantastic session. It is very stressful for me. The sharing clip day is very helpful for me. I am very anxious about my performance. I felt fine as I watch clip from another student. They are all worried about their triad. I am more confidence of being a…show more content…
I have no previous experience with any homeless person and in my culture, I was told not to have contact with homeless people. I was ashamed to myself because I am supposed to be nonjudgmental to the client to the client. Then I heard a member speak about a similar thought that I had. I realized I am being very harsh to myself. I judge my own thought and become very cautious in the process and afraid to express more. There is no true or wrong thought since we have different culture and power. The only thing holding me back is I am afraid of my own power. Moreover, I really enjoy when other people share their feelings in the large group about the course and their personal life too. As a listener, we mostly focus on the speaker’s feeling. Although we have to be congruent about our feeling as well. Counselling is about the speaker not the listener. Speaking of our own emotions make me realize we are speaker as well. We have own need. It is about humanity. Counselling is not about how well I master the skill from the different psychological therapy (Mcleod, 2011). It is about human. My motivation of being a counsellor grow as I understand my uniqueness is not a flaw in the
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