My Experience Of Gender As A Minority Male Of Saudi Arabia And The United States Of America

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When I tell people, friends or family that I have to write a paper about my experience of gender, they just laugh at that. They think there is not much to it. Nonetheless, my personal experience of gender is rather a more complex than meets the eye. Having lived two patriarchal societies —one extreme and one that is drifting away from patriarchy— I have had to deal with a lot. It is not all advantage and privilege to be a heterosexual male, it has many negativities and pressures. Especially if by your nature, you struggle to fit into the societal designated gender roles. In this paper, I will reflect on my experience and struggle, as a minority male in Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. I will provide retrieve memories and incidents from my childhood and adolescence, I will describe the everyday challenges and obstacles, and I will
To start with, I was born in Riyadh, the capital Saudi Arabia to a Hijazi Meccan family with Central Asian Turkic origins from my father’s side. My family had lived in the Hijaz area for five generations, but then moved to Riyadh before I was born due to work. The Hijaz area in Western Arabia was historically a cosmopolitan independent region, due to the ethnic and racial diversity of its population, the Hijazi major cities were relatively more progressive and liberal than the rest of Arabia. In the context of this paper, this is significant for many reasons, as a non-Arab Hijazi boy born in a tribal Wahhabi society that emphasized…
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