My Experience Of Improvisation In High School Dance

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When I think about my experience with improvisation, I would say that I have had experience but not a lot of experience. I definitely haven’t had enough experience to where I get excited about doing improvisation. Most of my experience with improvisation comes from my high school dance program. In some dance pieces that I performed in during high school, the choreographer would ask us to do improvisation for a section of the dance. Likewise, my senior year dance teacher occasionally had us do structured improvisation. Also here at UNCC, when I took Rachel Tuckers’ contemporary jazz dance class last year, she would make us do improvisation dance circles to different types of music as well as improvisation where we would adapt our movement to doing what our partner was doing but just in a different way. Those few improvisation moments are where my experience begins and stops. When it comes to what I think improvisation is, I think it is basically any movement that a dancer does in a setting that is not planned or pre choreographed. I feel like improvisation is kind of like wild dance thinking where the dancer just moves in a way that is random and it comes from the first dance move that is at the top of their head. It is almost as if the dancer is just moving, but isn’t really thinking about what they are doing, they are just grooving. Although I think improvisation is just moving without thinking about what you are doing, I do believe that there are boundaries that a

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