My Experience Of Writing

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Ever since I was a little girl I have avoided writing. I have always seen it as a daunting experience. I did not like writing my own stories, unlike other kids my age. I much more enjoyed reading and escaping to new realms. Writing has never interested me even though I believe I’m pretty good at it. However, as I was forced to write as I grew up I had to learn how to cope with writing and learn how to write well.
I always write in silence because it makes me focus on my assignment, but right now I’m trying to use music to see if it can help me through this freewrite. I’m currently listening to Today’s Hits on Pandora. Yes, the same radio crap you hear over and over everywhere you go. I believe it’s working. I feel calm and kind of excited to take on this generative writing. Hopefully it will help me. I am in my bedroom and I prefer to write in my bedroom because I can relax and be by myself. It is always hard for me to write in a classroom because there is too much talking and I can’t hear myself think. I could tell the other students to zip it, but that would be mean. I have grown accustomed to typing now that I do schoolwork online and I have begun to like it. It is easier that writing by hand because you don’t have to get a new piece of paper out when you need to revise. You can just make changes to your original draft.

The person in my life who has influenced me the most in my writing was my 5th grade writing teacher, Mrs. Ireland. She was not only my favorite

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