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I started to write since I was seven years old. At that time, I completely did not know what is writing. Teacher told us to write diaries and read storybooks every day. Thus, at the beginning of writing, I thought writing is to record things happened in every day life with emotions or some kind of unrealistic stories that is in one’s mind. However, writing was so confusing to me. I could only write down my memories for the day with simple emotions such as happy, sad or angry. Later on, teacher started to assign topic essays rather than just write diaries. For example, we could write about a pretty scene we have seen, a person we have met or a place we have been. After several months of practice, my ability for composing sentences got better, but my writing was still hollow. When I was 11 years old, I started my middle school years in China. We had an important exam among all subjects for all new students. I could never forget this exam because it was the first time I have gotten approval for writing. I remember the topic was about the most anxious thing that you couldn’t wait to make it come true. I wrote about the situation between my father and me. I love my father; however, when I was a little girl, he could not always stay at home. Because he was busy and he always had to travel so many different places. I could say I have never got a chance to stay with him for a long period of time. Every time when I got dismissed from school with my friends, I always got so jealous

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