Personal Writing Essay : My Environment And Writing

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It’s a cold day, my stomach is growling at the thought of food, I haven't had much sleep, I can’t let my imagination run wild because all I can listen to is the sound of 3 girls gossiping about a boy she met earlier that day; I feel like i’m at a dead end. How could one possibly pick up a thought and write a decent paper in this kind of situation? How can I write like this? Well, there's an easy answer to that, I don't write the paper. My environment whilst writing is one of the most important things to a decent paper. If i’m simply only wanting to write down my thoughts, I would still need a quiet place! I believe it has completely changed growing up.
As a small child I can remember trying to even write stories of my own, but never finishing them. I could tell you about all of the “songs” I wrote that I, at the time, thought were fantastic; but believe me, they aren’t worth anyone’s time! In elementary school, as I was just starting to explore my writing skills, I loved to be around my dad or mom while jotting down my thoughts on whatever I needed to write about. I think it was just the comfort of my parents that I adored, as any child does. I loved how they could pitch in their ideas and I would think they were the smartest people alive! As I started to grow a bit older and was now a secluded type of teenager, writing got a little more difficult for me. I don’t think I knew exactly about the importance of a writing environment. I was always writing at home, in my room. I

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