My Experience Of Writing

Satisfactory Essays
Every day people use writing to express certain ideas and thoughts we may have and by doing so it shapes the lives people lead by so much. The constant use of writing has allowed people to share and have unique experiences that have shaped who they are as writers. My own personal experiences with reading and writing have allowed me to improve my writing style. The mistakes I have made have only made me a better writer because I was able to learn about the mistakes I had made and make sure that they never happen again. The stories I am about to tell you may also help you improve on your writing style and become a better writer. One of my first really strong experiences with writing happened during my freshman year of high school. The paper I had to write needed to discuss the topic I had chosen to write about and be five pages or longer. I had all the information I needed to write the paper and had a little under a months’ time to write it. I remember waking up every weekend with nothing to do and thinking to myself “today is the day where I start to write my paper.” I took up the entire month just procrastinating about actually doing the paper that I ended up writing the paper the night before. That paper that had started out as something simple and easy to write became torture for me as I found out that there was so much more to the paper then what I had thought. I had started to write the paper at about nine that night and it would take me hours to complete. I remember
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