My Experience Plan For Learning

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Refer to my experiences of learning I had a simple learning strategy that I called Prepare-Learn-Repeat. This simple structure was worked. Prepare the lesson before the class started usually give me the roughly idea about the contents of lesson. I usually outline the main points to assist me to understand the new knowledge more efficiently. Then following the teacher in the class to learn, I usually write down the notes then compare them with my outline in order to find out the contents I missed. Repeat includes that finish the homework, required readings, extra reading and practice from the resources (most from bookshop) other than the text book. Sometimes need to keep repeating until I remembered the contents, formula, vocabulary even the entire article. I preferred to use Table, picture and form help me to remember and learn, especially with subjects such as History, Mathematic, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. After high school, I began my undergraduate study in Melbourne, this learning strategy help me to overcome my language barriers. The difference was that besides the lecture, tutorial and group discussion, online search engines, school online database and library provided the most important support through my entire period of university study.

I was an oversea student moved to Australia 16 years ago from China. I finished my high school in China and Bachelor of business marketing degree in Australia. I was 18 and as an international student, I must attend…
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