My Experience With An Aural Learning Style

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After taking the VARK Test, I was assessed as having an aural learning style overall, and somewhat of a visual style as well. With the Myers-Brigg Test, I was On the Multiple Intelligence Survey my three highest scores were in Verbal/Linguistic, Musical/Rhythmic, and Bodily/Kinesthetic. I was not surprised by any of these results and I have the perfect example to explain why these styles fit me so well. I learn best by hearing and listening. I have always been this way, and I am very music minded. I started playing guitar 8 years ago, I play a little piano, I write songs, and I sing. When it comes to guitar, I learn best by listening to a song over and over until I learn it. I do not read music; it just makes no sense to me. By having an aural learning style, I am able to skillfully play the guitar. In the last two months or so, in my spare time, I have begun to teach myself how to play piano. I am doing this by watching YouTube videos of other people playing. This is a bit different than how I play guitar. I can’t “hear” the piano and just pick it up. I have to see someone else playing the song I want to learn and watch their hand and the keys they are mashing over and over until I have it down.
When it comes to school and studying, I am definitely more aural than visual. I learn best by recording myself reading my chapters and notes aloud and then listening to it while I am driving or working out. The more I hear it, the more I remember it, kind of like lyrics to a song.

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