My Experience With Dyslexia

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I have dyslexia, Which to me now isn't a big deal I take all the normal classes Get almost all A’s and I read well. I am not a great speller but that's not anything I can really change that. Dyslexia is something i've come to terms with in my life and I rarely think about that it affects me anymore, but it wasn't always like this for me.
I first found out I had Dyslexia when I was in elementary school Around First grade. In my class we had reading groups Red was the first level was red then yellow was the second then green, blue ,purple. I started out in the red group and I feel ok about it because it was the beginning of the year and all my friend were in the red group to. But as time went one my friends and classmates graduated to the yellow group and then to green and blue all while I stayed in the Red group. Seven year old me was distraught of this unjust system of reading Groups I would go home crying after I did not advance to the yellow group. When I finally did advance to it I felt accomplished but still left behind by my …show more content…

Despite who embarrassed I was by this it really helped me all my hard work begin to pay off I started to read better than the rest off the kids in the resource room and for once I begin to feel that I was actually better than the other kids at reading and it felt great not to be the worst anymore . At the beginning of fourth grade I graduated the resource room. I was very nervous I would read worse than my classmates and get sent back to the resource room . This didn't happen though I actually read well if not better then some of the kids in my class I never returned to the resource room after fourth grade I continued on to fifth grade without it and then middle school in high

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