My Experience With Learning Styles

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Learning Styles At the beginning of the semester an assignment was given out in regards to assessing your learning styles. Upon doing the assignment I felt that I already knew the results I would obtain due to the fact that I did the same assignment my sophomore year of college. I was totally surprised with my results because they showed that I am becoming a more balanced learner. In previous assignments the results would usually show that I am more of one type of learner than another. My learning styles reflected that I am an active, sensory, visual and global learner. Knowing this aided in my success in this class as well as others because I started to apply this information into how I prepared or retained information for classes. Due to the fact that I am a visual learner the PowerPoints were of great use to me. I was able to look at them during lectures and they were available to me during my study sessions at home. When going home and re reading the assigned pages I was able to narrow down the information in which I was given in the book. A hindrance for me this semester was the lecture style of the class. Despite the fact that I am only a one on the active scale I am a very active learner. I have noticed that I do not thrive in lecture styles classes. To cope with this I started to participate more in group discussions and answering questions. The case study discussions also aided in my comprehension of the material given. I also enjoyed the fact that guidelines are

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