My Experience With My Dad

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Ever since I was young, I thought I wanted to graduate from high school then go straight to working for my dad and his roofing company. I had helped my dad multiple times on the sites of his projects and I knew it would be easiest and safest route plus I’m already good at it. When I hit my junior year of high school my parents dropped a bomb on me, I had to get a college degree before I could work for my dad. I was very upset about this because I realized how much harder and longer I had to work. When they told me that I thought I would go to an easy college, major in business, and then go to work for my dad, but I decided that it would be in my best interest to major in something I love, history. My mom and grandpa influenced this …show more content…

It was really interesting to speak to someone as smart as my grandpa on topics that he knew so well, he has a degree in history. We watched everything from the colonization of America to WWII. From that point on I really listened in my history classes and ran to his house after school every day to talk to grandpa about the stuff I had learned. In high school I realized that teaching history is basically just telling a bunch of stories, and I wondered if that was something I could do for the rest of my life. When I considered my grandpa’s history degree and my mom’s teaching job, I realized that I could teach history. I progressed quickly from learning subjects in class and running home to talk to my grandpa to doing my own research and discussing with him. I realized that public schools are only able to go so much in depth about certain topics because they have overall goals to meet, so I started searching the internet for more information on the topics. Not only did this benefit me because I was learning more about the stuff I loved most, but I was also learning ahead of my classmates. My teacher would tell us that the next lesson we would go over would be WWII and I already knew who participated and who won it. My mom and my grandpa have influenced my decision to teach history. My mom has been a teacher all my life. She began by teaching math in her hometown of High Point at the middle school level and

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