Personal Statement On Family Values

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Family Values It may seem like everyone has the perfect life, but if you were to look more in depth you would see it’s not that way at all. Most people want to presume as having both parents in their life married or divorced, or even have grandparents to go to when they need advice or knowledge. I believe to have a life that couldn’t be any better. I come from a two parent home who both worked very hard to have me sitting where I am today. Without family supporting me I may not be here at college expanding my education even further. But, other kids may not even have the support to get up and even attempt college. It is all about how you were raised, Family is more than important in a young man or woman’s life. I remember when I was in middle school and I decided to tell my parents what I wanted to do in life. At first I always wanted to do what my dad thought was best which was electrical engineering, it seemed fine with me until I realized it took a lot of math which I am not very good at. So, as a thirteen-year-old boy I did what I knew was best just keep quiet about wanting to do something different. Fast forward in time two years later I’m 15 talking with my guidance counselor about career jobs. She hands me a sheet with job titles to an endless extent, it stuck out just like that I circled the career path I wanted to take. Physical Therapy was now the road I wanted to go down, it was the best job title I could imagine helping kids with sports injuries and
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