My Family And I Have Recently Moved At St. Louis

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My family and I have recently moved to St. Louis and we could not be more excited about starting our new life. We had always hoped to visit the Gateway to the West one day, but we never imagined ever living here permanently. This move could not have happened at a more perfect time either, with St. Louis playing host to the World’s Fair in a matter of years, there is plenty of work to be done and numerous job options at any time. The potential for work has driven my family to the ends of the Earth it seems. My parents emigrated from Germany in 1873 and quickly found their way across the country to New Ulm, Minnesota, where I was born eight years later on 23 July 1881. New Ulm was a decent place to raise a family, but as I was growing older and our family kept growing larger, my parents had to make the decision to stay in small yet familiar New Ulm, or head south to the more promising yet unknown city of St. Louis. St. Louis was said to be a booming area, a great place to find work, and it even came with its own German sector in the neighborhood of Soulard. With this information in mind we packed our bags and headed towards uncertainty with only the dream of a more prosperous future nudging us forward. Upon reaching the city and making our way towards our fellow German emigrates, we quickly found living quarters which we shared with another family that came in the week before us. Of the nine of us in the apartment, four were old enough to work, and work we did. With the
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