My Family As An Integral Part Of Daily Living

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My family created meaning in the world they lived through spiritual means. For my family, purpose in life is based chiefly on spiritual affiliations and religious interactions in the church among Christians. That is to say, for my family, spirituality and faith in God are what gave purpose to life. Principles and practices of faith were an integral part of daily living. Life has a purpose when one serves God by doing His will. Principles included loving others, being kind, helping those in need, making decisions in a way that would reflect that we are Christians, building a relationship with God, etc. Practices included attending church, reading the bible, volunteering in the community, praying, singing praises, etc. By maintaining these principles and practices, specifically building a relationship with God, there was hope of life after death through the grace of God. This gave ultimate meaning to the life lived here on earth. Despite having partially removed myself from my family to create my own family, I have continued to implement this philosophy of life. The only deviation from my parents’ philosophy of life is my comparatively moderate stance on religious practice. I maintain the same philosophy of life as my parents, but in less legalistic manner. I believe that I am called to live my life by the standards set forth in the Bible and the example given by Jesus Christ. By serving others and endeavoring to exemplify God in my every action, I create meaning in the
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