My Family Background: If I Grew Up In Indiantown

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Family Background
I grew up in Indiantown, a tiny place, in the middle of nowhere, in Martin County with barely a red light to its name and no chance of development, whatsoever. During middle school, I then moved to Bartow – a slightly less small town, with almost no opportunity for development. After High School, I moved to Orlando with my mother so she could live closer to her job. Thankfully, Orlando (currently, at least) is ripe with opportunity and growth. In Indiantown, there were several of my mother’s siblings (and their children) living here, as well, but the majority of the population were Spanish-speaking and retirees. So, I there was very little opportunity to socialize, other than with my relatives. And my mother’s …show more content…

My brother was my biggest influence. He is five years older, so it wasn’t the easiest task to grab his attention, but most of my young life was formed because of him. Growing up, I was always trying to learn new knowledge and talents to interact more with my brother. I took a deep interest in guitar and drawing, and building and innovation because it would connect us more. He influenced much of my determination and creative skills. I was always competing for his attention and praise, which is likely the reason I enjoy challenges and seek them out, as well. I think my father, despite how little he was around, influenced my work ethics, greatly. My sporadic weekends with him usually consisted of going to work with him. He worked for the city of Pahokee performing many different tasks: sweeping the streets, hauling away large items, cemetery grounds work, city waterworks; a lot of heavy machinery and vehicles. He was a dedicated worker; whatever he did, he did well! I was very impressed that this normally slow-person could be so mechanically inclined and proficient. So, I learned from him, to take pride in anything and everything that I do; no matter how small or large the task is.

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