My Family Essay

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Intro: No one on this earth is created equally. If everyone was the same, Would we get along? No. Our Differences as humans cause us to create a discussion with other people, and get to know each other better through conversation. Also, understanding and respecting other people helps us grow .If we were all the same there would be nothing to learn about other people. We wouldn’t make friends. Finding something in common with someone creates a special bond because not everyone has that in common. Everybody has their own interests, preferences, and character traits. Not even twins are the same people, even though they are identical they develop their own interests. Nobody in this world is just like me, and nobody ever will be.

The expression, “family first” is for a reason. Family is related through blood, and dedicated to each other. In the end you know family always is your rock, your safety net before you fall with no return. My family is the most influential and important people in my life. My mom and dad created me, brought me into this life, and raised me all these years, so yeah i would say they're pretty important. My sister emily was the first friend i ever had. The first playmate before anybody else. My sister maryellen, i remember as a newborn baby, and watching her in the bouncy seat in the living room as my mom took a shower. Feeling important and responsible to watch her. From that point on I developed a habit of Mothering her, the reason she now despises

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