My Family Essay

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I have been fortunate enough to have grown up in a content and supportive family. My parents are still married, my grandparents, and even some great grandparents, survived to see me grow up, and I have a good relationship with my immediate and extended family. My family and my experiences with them have formed me into the person that I am today. Despite having an average, middle class, white picket fence life, my family is not as ordinary as they seem on the surface. The element of my family that has had the most impact on me and my character is the fact that most of my family is set up in a matriarchal fashion. In short, the women of my family are resolute, confident, and in charge. Although the women of my family are in …show more content…

Despite these roadblocks, my self worth and determination was unshaken. Luckily for me, the lessons that I had learned in my family life provided a solid foundation for my character. During my first years at my Christian school, I readily imposed my opinions on gender equality into every debate or argument I stumbled upon. Ok, maybe it was more like the arguments and debates that I started. I showered my unlucky opponent with Bible verses supporting women, examples of successful females, and my own personal experiences with unflagging women. After a while, I began really enjoying and reveling in these often occurring, heated discussions. I even began seeking them out. This game of bait and catch that I played, however, left me with few friends and even fewer minds changed. It was in my freshman English class that I had a revelation during one of our class discussions. The teacher had asked us to pick the gender that we viewed as the better one and walk to the wall designated to that specific sex, and I was furious. I stood up, when it was time to pick our side and watched every single one of my classmates saunter over to the wall assigned to the male gender. As each kid took their spot against the wall, I sat down in my desk located in the middle of the room. This caused my teacher some concern. As my confused teacher approached my desk, I grew more and more incandescent. She proceeded to ask

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