My Family Essay

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No one has the true opportunity to pick to whom they are born to. They also do not have a say as to how they are raised. In a lovely fantasy, one could say that they did, but realistically speaking, no. The way that one views the world as an adult takes a huge part in how their parents raised them. If they were raised to discriminate against minorities, then more likely than not, they too will do the same; if they were raised in an environment of drugs and alcohol, then a good chance that they will go down the same path as well. How someone is brought up is important because it reflects to how they act in their older years. This can be either fortunate or detrimental to the character’s relationship and a community. Just like I am no different. I was born to an African American family in the United States, causing me to be a sixth generation U.S. citizen on both sides of my parent’s family. My great-great grandparents were brought to America and were slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation. From then, my family has expanded into different generations. The knowledge that I have about my ancestry would be a bit lacking since my parents and even grandmothers really cannot tell me much about it. Our family has a long history of not wanting to connect in ways that a family normally would, allowing for traces of cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandfathers to fade. All I know for right now is that I am African American; all I have known since I came to an awareness about it in

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