My Family Of My Life

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Throughout my life, I have lived fatherless in my family of girls. And the only time I would come to interact with another guy would always be at school. Growing up all my life like this was definitely a hardship that I didn 't know how I would be able to overcome as a little kid. I would never know what it would be like to live with a person encouraging me to be righteous and courteous. I would never know what it would be like to be pushed to be tough. I would never know what it would be like to take responsibility and learn how to be independent. I would never grow up the same kid as I have without a father. All this drove me out to grow up differently as it is. And for the majority of my life growing up, I thought it was all my fault for being different. However the only time I felt like a guy would be when I would be with my friends who would always immerse me in how it 's like to be a guy, and more importantly, to be an American. So I continuously craved to go to school not only to learn, but to learn to be normal. Yet, it was still difficult for me to juggle my different lifestyles between both school and home. And I knew that it would eventually come back to hit me, but I didn 't know when or how to handle it. However, I decided to hold this indifference to myself which resulted me to be shy and very quiet. This held true to me my entire life all the way up through sophomore year. And then it suddenly hit me. I knew that growing older and older with this issue would

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