My Life Of My Family

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My whole family lived in Edison, New Jersey and I only saw my dad, brother, grandmother, grandfather, and my mother during my childhood. My mother was the person who had always helped me stay on the track to success. I called my mother Ma as a toddler because, I followed my brother in every way. Our culture was to call our mother Mama, but we could say Ma for short. My brother, Michael, called mother, Ma, and so I caught on. Ma was a hardworking, positive, and helpful parent. She wanted me to have a great future and has kept pushing me throughout the years of my life. The most important years Ma helped me through to become who I am was through the child years. As a toddler I was as joyful as the sun grinning upon the ground. Ma could not hold back her smile for me every time she saw me, but her teeth were extremely rotten. Many past attempts from dentists to help her teeth did not fail, but did not succeed greatly. She wouldn’t smile in public as she was insecure. Other than her teeth, she had beautiful long sparkling black hair like a starry sky at midnight. Her skin was a smooth as the finest silk from China. As a child I did not notice her teeth, and didn’t care because I loved her. When I turned 3, I attended pre-school and it was a whole new experience for me. I saw it as Ma sending me somewhere because I did something wrong. As Ma walked me towards the door to my classroom, I saw something that shocked me. Other children. Ma did not introduce me or

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