My Family : The Love Of My Life

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I come from a family of eight, two boys and four girls, of which I was the youngest. We had a Christian based home, where my father was strict but my mom was the nurturer in the family. My mother was an awesome woman, she had such inner, physical and spiritual strength, although both parents played a big part in our spiritual instruction, the memory of mom’s example of faithful prayer and dependence on God’s strength, impacted me the most.
Of course, as always happens, the innocence of a child slowly changes as we become teenagers and our attention begins to wonder to the attractions outside of church and our home environment. My life began to turn at the age of seventeen when I met the love of my life, Charles, who was not from our faith. Furthermore, we never dated and only saw each other during school, therefore when he graduated, I thought we would never see each other again. So we decided to solve the problem by running away and getting married, nonetheless, I don’t know how I expected we would accomplish that when he didn’t own a vehicle. Well of course we couldn’t legally marry without our parents’ consent, since I was seventeen and he was nineteen, therefore against her will, mom signed her consent. During the early years of our marriage, my relationship with God and my parents was very strained, due to the guilt in the manner I chose to marry. It is funny how one foolish decision made by foolish teenagers, made such a huge impact on so many

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