My Family 's Summer Cabin

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My family’s summer cabin was along the south coast line of Norway. Since it’s a time share between my entire father’s side of the family, we were not able to spend as much time as we sometimes wanted to there. Therefore, one summer when I was 11 years old my parents sent me to spend time alone with my grandmother at the summer house. In Norway its common to share a cabin with your entire mother’s or father’s side of the family and have specific weeks where each family can stay at the cabin. This summer my family was not able to take advantage of our week at the cabin, therefore I was sent to spend time with my grandmother. Later in life I suspect this was because my parents often thought of me as a very sensitive and wimpy child. They…show more content…
They were brothers that spent their entire summers on the island. The older one named Nils was the more experienced and tougher of the two, while the younger brother Per usually just followed his older sibling around. In my young and impressionable age, I looked up to Per and Nils. They had qualities that I admired such as being leaders from a young age and being experienced in taking initiative. I remember one previous adventure I had had with them were they took me out on their little rubber boat in the ocean to shoot seagulls with their BB gun. This incident showed me that Nils and Per were quite the young risk-takers since shooting seagulls is illegal in Norway outside of certain areas and seasons.

One day we decided to traverse all the way to the other side of the island where none of us had gone before. Being relatively inexperienced with hiking on the island I did not have very good shoes to hike in the terrain. I was wearing flat soled slip on shoes. Despite doubting if that I had the correct footwear to be hiking I decided to go with them anyway as to not seem wimpy in the presence of two young experienced hikers. While traversing slanted rocks and mossy grounds, my flat shoes, that I had absolutely no business in hiking in slipped. I was sent tumbling like a wild log down the slant of the mountain. From my memory I must have rolled around for about 30 seconds, hitting and rocks and bushes in my
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