My Father And My Brother

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As a child, my brother Jean and I were not always very close, even though we are fairly close in age. As children, we went to school together and grew up learning the importance of family values, particularly the meaning of “sticking together.” Every day we walked to school together. Before we ventured off to elementary school, our mother would say, “Stick together, and Jean, listen to your big brother!” Even though I was only two years older than Jean, I knew I was responsible if anything bad were to happen to him under my watch. My brother and I were quite daring as children and did not always follow all the rules. Also, Jean was more stubborn than I and did not know when the time for play should stop. I will never forget that one frightful day when the lesson about the value of my family and sticking together changed my life. It was a warm day towards the end of the school year, and everyone was anxious to start summer vacation. Throughout the day at the elementary school, I would see Jean about two times a day. Close to the end of the day, and the sunlight beaming into my fifth-grade classroom felt like a hundred degrees. Before we could leave, our teacher Ms. Harris wanted to give us a short vocabulary quiz. When she started to pass out the quiz, I was thinking of ways to get out of the assignment. At that very moment, something very frightening happened. All of a sudden, the sound of shuffling papers was violently interrupted by a loud boom that sounded

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