My Favorite Academic Subject

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My favorite academic subject would be history because there are so many historical events to learn about and I’m always curious on how the U.S functioned in the past. It has influenced me because every unit we go through in history class it gets me interested and want to learn more about it. The thing I hate is when we are learning something and the bell rings. Everyday I walk through the door and I am ready to learn something new. And what I like about that class is that I never get bored. Moreover, It's exciting because the events and historical people we get to learn about are inspiring. Like for example in history class I learn about Martin Luther King an African American who fought for their Civil Rights for his own race. He fought for their liberty and no matter what the other race did to him and the people around him, he still kept fighting for his and the others rights. For some reason he didn't just get the civil rights for him, but it also helped other races. After all, I love history because I get to learn how societies functioned, how people interacted with each other, how governments were run, and about the cultures of countries I usually have never been to before. Another reason why I love history is that it answers a lot more questions than I originally thought it would. For me, it's like exploring a world I've never been to, or can't go to. This are the things that make me want to learn more about because the people in our history book are historic and they

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